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Tuesday, 25 May 2010


We went to Germany for a few days with my husband's Male Voice Choir, 'Cor Meibion Llanelli'. I couldn't bear the thought of not doing any stitching, so I managed to do a few stitches to the Dutch mystery SAL. (forgotten what SAL stands for....) On the way there I could stitch in the plane, as I did not sit by the window.

  We stopped on the way to Heathrow for a break, and my Macchiato looked rather small compared to Alan's hot chocolate!

The roofs in Germany were amazing. It is obvious that they get lots of snow!!

And some have beautiful patterns....

Many doors had flower-wreaths hanging on them, which looked very cheerful.

On Saturday evening we had the concert, and on Sunday afternoon we went to the Altstadt (Weinheim), and  lazed around all afternoon, walking in the park along with everyone else, and sitting on a terrace, with Kaffee und Kuchen.

Two little friends came to say Hello.

We really had a lovely time although we are rather tired.  The planned flight from Frankfurt was cancelled because of the BA strike, but they did put one on at 17.15. Then we all had to get on a coach at Heathrow, so we came home after midnight last night.
 Better late than never!
Enjoy your day,


Carolien said...

Beautiful pictures Jane, thanks for sharing!

Have a nice day & groetjes,

Elisabeth said...

Wat een gezellige foto's..
Groetjes Elisabeth

Carin said...

Wat een mooie foto's !!

Guusje, said...

Wat een prachtige foto's en wat maak je prachtige dingen zoals de civil war bride quilt. Heel erg mooi.

Margaret said...

I just now saw the Germany photos. Love them! In my past life I used to be a choral director.

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