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Friday, 28 May 2010

Skies, fabrics and a siggy

Yesterday we went to a quilt shop, and my husband said I should buy some nice fabrics for myself and he would pay.....
Wow! I had to get some fabrics for the Nursery rhyme quilt as well, but then I chose some wonderful batiks.......

To finish a happy day there was a beautiful sunset!

I also finished my first Welsh siggy, for Carolien, who loves cats. She is sending me her sheep siggy.

This morning I woke up early to a musical contest in the garden. A robin was teaching some bird how to sing. The contrast was rather funny. There was the robin, uttering the most exquisite trills, followed by a monotonous chirping from the other bird. Then it was the robin's turn again. This went on for at least half an hour.
As soon as I was dressed I went out in the garden and took a photo of my beloved Guelder Rose - it is one of those lovely surprises of a new garden. First the beautiful flowering cherry, and now this.....
The weather is still sunny, but tomorrow it is going to rain.
Enjoy your day!


Carolien said...

Hello Jane,

Wow, what a lovely cat-siggy you have made!!! Lucky me and thank you so much in advance! I do love that harp too. Do you play the harp? My mother and my brother played on the harp and I had lessons for a year when I was a very young girl. I was too impatient then (I wasn't too happy since my mother died just before I started with the lessons) and have always regretted it later. The harp was sold by then, so the chance was gone. Well, you know now the harp is something of my life too ... I remember going to the famous Queeckhoven in Breukelen for harp recitals (I was born in Breukelen). Memories, memories ...
What a sweet husband you have. The fabrics are so nice, I didn't wonder about the sheep ;)
The song of the birds is so lovely, when I have the chance I listen to it, especially in the early morning.

Have a nice weekend despite the weather. Maybe you can play with those lovely fabrics?

Groetjes, Carolien

Guusje, said...

Wat een mooie stoffen en wat aardig van je DH. Je hebt ook een prachtige siggie gemaakt en een prachtige foto gemaakt.

Kathie said...

Oh I think the sheep fabric is adorable too!
oh what a beautiful siggy block , the harp is beautiful!

Margaret said...

The sheep fabric is quite cute! Is there a lamb quilt in your future? When I was growing up, I had one very affectionate lamb/sheep.

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