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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back from Holland

Many apologies to those of you who have been waiting for this next post! We have come back from Holland, stayed with my sister, my cousin and my mother. When we came home, my husband got a very nasty cough/cold, so I didn't feel much like internet. Today he is a lot better though, so here we go again.
We were away for two weeks, and it was a great time! I had taken this block - easy applique - with me, to do in odd minutes. Well, I did one leaf! (I had already finished the bunny at home, the day before we left...

While I was in Holland, they had the annual Quilter's Guild exhibition, and I went there twice!!! It was a lovely exhibition, and of course there were traders, so I bought much more than I should have done..!
Staying with my cousin on the farm was a wonderful experience. On one of the evenings, it was the get-together of the 'Quiltmutsen', the local quilt group. So we all sat in the farmhouse kitchen admiring each other's work. Everyone had brought quilts and bags to show, and I brought my Baltimore blocks, so we didn't really do much stitching. They were working on a hospice quilt, and I was allowed to do a few blocks too.
Of course I took photographs, but unfortunately they did not come out well. So the next day I took a picture of Hetty's quilt in the making.
We had a lovely view from our bedroom:
We also went to a Staphorst, a village where many women still wear the national costume for that area. They had a vintage day, with old tractors and threshing, and I must show you this lovely photo:

 And one of a typical bike in Staphorst:

When we came home I decorated our doorstep with one of my clogs, and some 'pompoenen' from Hetty's garden, to celebrate the autumn.

And now I am working like crazy to get my Dear Jane quilted. I only have 8 triangles and two corners to do and then the binding. After that I can treat myself to my Baltimore blocks!!!
Have a great day!


Margreet said...

Fijn dat je er weer bent! Zo te lezen heb je een hele fijne vakantie gehad. Mooie quilt heb je gemaakt. Groetjes, Margreet

Margaret said...

Jane, I love hearing about your trip to Holland. Your "Dear Jane" must be a real challenge to quilt with all those layers!

Guusje, said...

Wat fijn dat je weer terug bent. Je hebt volgens mij een leuke tijd in Nederland gehad en leuk te zien dat je ook in Staphorst was daar woon ik redelijk dichtbij. Mooie quilt heb je ook gemaakt en veel plezier met het quilten van je DJ, ben benieuwd.

Elisabeth said...

Wat leuk om ter lezen dat je het zo naar je zin had in NL, zie uit naar meer van je baltimore blokken(heb ook een baltimore boek gekocht en ga zeker binnenkort hier aan beginnen) veel succes met je DJ...hij word prachtig! Hartelijk groet, Elisabeth

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hope your DH is on the mend. Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip and saw some beautiful things.

Carin said...

Ohhh Jane, ik ben blij dat je weer terug bent !!! je blok ziet er mooi uit en je pompoenen bij de deur ook :-) hup, hup ... snel die dear jane afmaken dan kunnen wij smullen bij de foto !

LuAnn said...

Your Baltimore blocks are just beautiful. And, congratulations on being so close to finishing your Dear Jane. It's wonderful!!!

Annefred said...

Hallo Jane, fijn dat je weer op het www bent en beterschap voor jouw DH. Je hebt zo te zien en te lezen een mooie tijd gehad in Nederland en ik hoop dat we je nog eens weer zullen zien. Veel succes met de Dear Jane en daarna veel succes met je Baltimore's. Ik vond het heel leuk kennis met je te maken en zal je blijven volgen!
Groetjes van een Quiltmuts (Anki)

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