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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A special Baltimore bird

I am really enjoying working on the border again. The overall plan is not quite clear yet. I design as I go along, although I have all the birds drawn. They all come from the Mary Simon quilt pattern. I put those quilt-blocks in a drawer so that I could finish this Baltimore quilt, and they are coming to see what I am up to!
Here is a very special one:

I am hoping the others won't get jealous! This one has some lovely reverse applique patches, and I have chosen the same silk that is in some of the stuffed flowers on the blocks. It is such a lovely orangey colour.
You may want to know how I am making these birds. I draw templates, and cut them out carefully so that I can use the 'left-over' bit for fussy cutting if necessary. I really love fussy-cutting, so I do it whenever I can.
Then I draw with a white Clover pen (wax, which irons out) round the template, as you can see in this close-up: (if you click on the picture, you will see it bigger)

The reverse applique I do off-block, so that I can just applique the bird on later. I always use needleturn applique, not because it is the best way, but because I enjoy it so much.
This little bird is calling me now, so I'll see if I can get him(her?) to join the others today. There are 20 birds, and I have to do 5 more....
And of course, Irene is right, using the same fabrics as in the blocks will unify the whole thing. That is a consolation when I find it too restricting...!
Enjoy your day,


Michele said...

Dear Jane, I love your birds, and border thus far. Is there somewhere I can see the body of the quilt? As you are using silk, do you intend to not wash it at all? Merry Christmas, Michele

*Stitches* said...

Nice Jane....i love reverse appliqué and this bird is going to be lovely!
can't wait to see the them all together!

Margaret said...

The whole block just seems to "come alive" when the bird is added! I usually try to put them on first. They inspire me to finish the block.


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