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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Baltimore block

A few days ago I finished my first block for a quilt I am designing. For this one I made a papercut.

This first block is about Wales, "Cymru". 
The harps/lyres signify 'the land of song'. The red dragon "Y ddraig goch" is the national emblem of Wales, and the Fleur de Lys is also used in the Royal crest of the Prince of Wales. The hearts on top of the harps are a reminder of the Welsh 'love-spoons'.
All around I have written in celtic letters the word of the National anthem, and the writer of it, with the place and year of writing. Here is a close-up:
Although the papercut was the whole design, I have changed some of the colours, as the Welsh flag is red and greeen.
We have been going to some Welsh starter lessons, and it is a difficult language, but at the same time I am looking forward to the classes starting in September.

Our granddaughter loved her quilt, and wanted to sleep under it that evening. Her little brother seemed very taken with it, so I shall have to make something for him as well....

I have been enjoying watching all the birds in the garden - from woodpeckers to wrens. Yesterday a woodpecker, three sparrows and a greenfinch all sat in the birdbath. Of course, by the time I got my camera, they had gone!
And I saw the robin too, looking a shadow of his winter self. His breast was a very pale orange, and he acted as if he really did not want to be seen.

Have a great day!
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