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I love quilts, especially antique quilts, either applique or pieced,
and I want to share my journeys in quilting !

But, my "Threads and Treasures" sometimes include embroidery, painting, or spinning wool
and weaving

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Finished quilt and Civil War Bride block

Last night at 10 o'clock I finished the binding on the Nursery Rhyme quilt.
Just as well, because today was our granddaughter's birthday. She will sleep with it on her bed tonight.
I had quilted it on the machine - first time for me....!

Last week I finished a Civil War Bride block, but because my sister from Holland was here, I waited until now to show you. It was fun, and I chose to embroider the strawberry crowns.

Now I shall have to catch up on cleaning the house.....
Have a nice evening.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Nursery Rhyme Quilt top finished

This afternoon I finished the borders of the Nursery Rhyme quilt. Because I am fairly new to machine piecing, it is not as perfect as I would like it, but it will have to do.
I am very happy that I have got this far. Over the next days I shall sandwich it, and then machine quilt it. If there was more time, I would love to quilt it by hand, but less than one month ..... not enough!
The weather here in Wales is beautiful, lovely and sunny with a breeze.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mary Simon and a small sheep

Last night, after 7 months I finally finished my 4th Mary Simon block. All the memories of the move from Scotland are stitched into it...
I was very happy to find exactly the right fabric for the eye of the little bird on the left.

Then the postman called and there was a sweet little sheep from Holland, with a postcard of a place that has many memories. Thank you, Carolien!

It is now time to try and finish the border of the Nursery Rhyme quilt...!!
Enjoy your day!
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