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I love quilts, especially antique quilts, either applique or pieced,
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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Mary Simon and a small sheep

Last night, after 7 months I finally finished my 4th Mary Simon block. All the memories of the move from Scotland are stitched into it...
I was very happy to find exactly the right fabric for the eye of the little bird on the left.

Then the postman called and there was a sweet little sheep from Holland, with a postcard of a place that has many memories. Thank you, Carolien!

It is now time to try and finish the border of the Nursery Rhyme quilt...!!
Enjoy your day!


Carin said...

Wat een gewelkdig bliok is dat en het schaapjesblok is ook enig !

Margaret said...

Very well done, Jane! The cornucopia block is such a satisfying one to do. I love the greens you are using...and the purples.....and..Which one is next?

Guusje, said...

Wat een prachtig geappliceerd blok en wat een mooie siggie. Het blok lijkt me niet een van de makkelijkste.

Carolien said...

Hello Jane,

What a beauty, that cornucopia (al klinkt 'hoorn des overvloeds' ook altijd wel prachtig ...)! I love that purple fabric, with the effect of those waves, beautiful! Mouth open for me, as a novice quilter. You're a master in applique!
I am glad my little sheep has arrived safely, I know he will be happy at your place :)
I hope you enjoy the last work on that lovely quilt for your granddaughter.

Bye & hugs, Carolien

*Stitches* said...

wow...looking at your work, I think we could be best friends! I love appliqué and you do fabulous work! LoVe iT!

Jandi said...

I love the block! It turned out fabulously!

Mac said...

Hi Jane, ik vind de kleuren die je gebruikt fantastisch! Ik word zo geprikkeld door jouw Baltimores dat ik eindelijk de knoop heb doorgehakt en met een ga beginnen.

Cisca said...

Wat een prachtig blok en dat oogje is ook heel mooi. Leuke siggy uit Amersfoort!
Groetjes, Cisca

sewkalico said...

Wow! That is an amazingly beautiful block!

Taryn said...

The Mary Simon block is stunning!


Is very nice composition and colors.What size is it?
Google translation

Jane in Wales said...

Thank you all for your compliments!!
The Mary Simon blocks are 16" (40 cm). Jane

denise said...

Dear Jane, (Pardon the pun) Oh my! I just stumbled apon your blog tonight. I don't know if you will remember me, we talked or rather typed, a few years ago while you were in Scotland ( a place I fell in love with many, many years ago) & I in Sydney.Now you are in Wales! & I in Botswana. It is so nice to read your Bloggings & learn a little more about you You do some beautiful work. Beautiful.

Feather on a Wire said...

Stunning block, I love the strawberries too. Where did you find that Prussian blue fabric. I have been searching high and low.

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