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Monday, 11 October 2010

Last stages of Dear Jane

Today I have been quilting the last lines all around the triangles.
I had made a template so that I would know where the cutting line was, and quilted within that line.
It was a perfect day for doing this exciting job. This morning at 7.00, when I opened the curtains, I saw this:

And all day, it was perfect. Late in the afternoon, the low sun was shing through the dogwood leaves, they have such a beautiful lime green colour.
Then, a bit later in the early evening, the day finished like this:

And then I had finished the quilting (!!!!!), and started cutting the edges.......

Will I be able to sleep tonight? It is getting so exciting, to be so near finishing!
Good night everyone!


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness...that is so beautiful from the little I can see in your hoop...I need to skip back through your blog to see more. I understand your excitement!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Dance for you! What an accomplishment. I can truly relate, my last quilt took 5 1/2 months to quilt. So, yes, I too can understand your excitement. Congrats. It is going to be just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Quite the accomplishment! I don't think I've ever seen a completed Dear Jane, apart from the original. You are so very close, no wonder you're almost sleepless!
I look forward to seeing the finished masterpiece.
Best regards, Kate

Margreet said...

Je DJ is werkelijk supermooi! Zou je hem eens helemaal op de foto willen zetten?Want dat kan ik op je blog nergens vinden. En ik ben eigenlijk best nieuwschierig hoe hij er helemaal uitziet...Succes met de laatste loodjes! Groetjes, Margreet

Lori said...

Congratulations on getting so close to the end!!!

supergoof said...

Hoi Jane, wat ben je een bofkont met zo'n uitzicht!!!
I want to move,...

Margaret said...

What beautiful colors! This will be one classy quilt!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Jane

Je vroeg mij waar ik de stofjes gekocht heb in Engeland, dat was in Taunton. Beetje laat met reageren maar mijn pc is stuk en nu doe ik het op mijn werk in de nachtdienst. Heb dinsdag avond Hetty nog gesproken is altijd gezellig op de Bee.

Groetjes Annemieke.

Minka's Studio said...

Great photos of the quilting and finishing process...making the scallops and quilting them. Do you have any photos of putting on the binding?

Sharyn said...

Well done, and congratulations!

nanoupatch said...

I 'm coming for the first tim on your blog ... I LOVE IT ... for many reasons, and I' ll come back for sure ! Im in charge of a quilting group and Annette, a lady of the group have jusrt ended her Dear Jane ; you can see it on my blog (articles dear jane ) it will be shwn on the quilt show in Nantes (end of april) where all the lovers of this wonderful quilt will meet the other fans ...

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