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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Nursery Rhyme Blocks and the garden

Today I assembled the blocks, ready for the borders.

 I am really looking forward to putting the borders around it. It has been such fun to make this quilt so far!
Next I have to applique the stars, that will make it look nicer too.
This quilt is for our little granddaughter who is going to be 3 at the end of June.

When I had finished this, I went for a stroll round the garden.
It is a surprise to see what comes out next, as it is our first spring here. I was really happy to see that there is a lilac growing in the hedge!

I always loved the smell when I was little. There was a large one on my grandfather's farm in Holland.

Now I shall have to decide soon whether there will be time to hand-quilt the Nursery Rhymes.....

Enjoy your weekend!


Elisabeth said...

Wat een leuke quilt!! Prachtig..
Groetjes Elisabeth

Carolien said...

Hello Jane,

Your granddaughter is very, very lucky with a grandmother making such a lovely quilt, just for her! It's a joy to see and I bet she will say or sing the rhymes many, many times when seeing them ... A treasure for a lifetime, that's for sure!

Mmmm, the scent of lilacs is so nice, how nice you have one in your garden. We don't have a lilac bush, but there are some in the neighbourhood and when I pass them I often stop to put my nose in that bush for a little sniff ;)

Have a nice evening & groetjes,

bArb said...

Hi Jane...yes you are right... the finches are so beautiful! I love your special to be able to make a quilt for the grandchildren, eh! But beware! I have read that you have two others... I think you will be making a few more! LOL
I'm just tring to fisnish up my Be attitudes one for the grandchildrens play room! But now with spring here, it's oh so hard to be down in the sewing room..., but I do love to sit on the deck with my stitching...And yes! the LILACS oh so pretty...I just checked mine out last nite, and they are not advanced as yours...just a tad bit cooler here in Canada! Welcome to my blog and I look forward to yours and getting to know you!

Yvonne said...

Hello Jane,

thank you for visiting my blog. Greetings from Slovakia :-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hi Jane,

Just discovered your blog..and really like your nursery rhyme quilt! Beautiful!

sewkalico said...

Jane, your nursery rhyme quilt is so amazing! It will definitely be an heirloom!

margaret said...

Jane, I love your blog. I love your latest creation!

veerle said...

Ik vind elke keer weer dat je fantastisch mooie quilts maakt! geweldig!!! Ik hoop van jou nog veel mooie stukken te mogen zien :)

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